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Text Font used in Executables

Hi...  I am struggling mightily to build an executable where the front panel objects come even close to what they are on the original build machine under source code...  I posted a different question related to this the other day but this question is about FONTS...  I build the source code with a certain font and font size...  Then when I deploy it to an executable, suddenly the font is huge and that messes up all the related object sizes, etc...  What determines what FONT size you will get on your target machine when you deploy an executable...  I went so far as to set the screen resolution on both the source and target machine but that still doesn't stop these HUGE fonts from showing up on my executable...  And I can find no way to even query what font and size they are on the executable...  I just want whatever font and size I use on the source to be able to also be used on the executable... 


Is that doable???  If so, how??? 


thanks...  bob....

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the fonts you get in development are set in your labview.ini.  When you build a standalone app, labview deploys <appname>.ini to the install folder and similar ini tokens are used by the labview runtime engine for basic settings.


In the build specification for an application, you can specify a special .ini file to use.  simply create an ini file with the flags you want, then add it to your project and you can access it there.


I've standardized on Tahoma 13, since that's a sort of winXP default, and if I use tahoma 13 on both my win7 dev machines and winXP targets, at least most things stay the same.  I also routinely add color history entries to an app's ini file, so that there are at least some pretty options there if a user wants to change a plot color, for example.


so find the ini file that your built app already has and add something like this to it:


appFont="Tahoma" 13

dialogFont="Tahoma" 13

systemFont="Tahoma" 13











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