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Testing a material project with- Webcam help


We are making a project in which i will be testing a materials length as well as its temperature and the ressitivity. So far my team has worked countless hours and we are at a point which we need assistance from NI.



We will be using a 1 camera to capture an image, save it to a folder, and bring it back to labview to measure its pixels in respect to the real world. Our issue is having the webcam start when its told to>Saving the picture into a file>thus having labview call it back to return to another part of our vi to display it and measure the pixels. Please VI help us get this working.


Attempted Solutions:

Webcam Project file but we cant get it to work like we want to.



Labview 2012

Operating system- Windows 7



Our main VI

Webcam project's VI

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Anyone with a input?

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Hello ElectricEels,


Thanks for posting at NI forums! I would recommend you to post at this forum which is for Vision equipment; they can give you more feedback regarding IMAQ VIs and images managing.


Best Regards,


Alina M

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