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Tensorflow Python Node breaks after weights load

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to run python node in LabView, but script return error 1672. 

With script everything ok, but LabView have some problems.



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Hello, NoKot333. Do you use any Numpy functions?

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What is your LabVIEW version? 

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Accepted by topic author NoKot333

@Vazgen_H wrote:

Hello, NoKot333. Do you use any Numpy functions?

I can confirm, I have seen error 1672 when returning a numpy array which is generated by the python script


in the following, I write a 2d buffer to the python node, extract the first column of this 2d buffer, convert this column vector to a numpy array and return as 1d array of doubles "y".



import numpy as np
def return_cm(data):

    y = data[:, 0]
    X = data[:, 1:]

    y = np.array(y)
    return y




the length of the y-vector can be manipulated by choosing a different number of rows, in the following screenshot 1000:




Error 1672 does halt the .vi, when the numbers of rows in this vector is bigger ~ 10.000 , but will work corretly if less e.g. 1000



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There are some Numpy functions, which are not supported by LabVIEW.

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Hello again. Can you send me kwhFinal.h5 for testing code on my PC? 

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21.0.1 (64-bit)

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