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Tab selection property causing 100% CPU usage


I've having some trouble with using property nodes to tab selection. After 1-2 hours the CPU usage is 100%. The VI is attached. I'm using LV 6.0.2 on win2000. Does anyone have a clue of what's happening?
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Every time the while loop executes, you open *new* pages reference array. Whitout closing them, you quickly fill the memory and hog the computer usage. As in the modified VI attached, get the references only once outside the while loop and reuse them. Close any reference after use. As much as possible, you shoud use the control terminal to read its value instead of reading the value property.

LabVIEW, C'est LabVIEW

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Try closing the page references in the for loop after the property node. It looks like LabVIEW keeps on opening new references to the pages and not closing the old ones.

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