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Tab function

Greetings, I using the Tab function in my design, the Tab connect to the case structure. Inside my design i had 3 frontpage in the tab. The fuction working well when the existing frontpage (1st front page) the run bottom is press, other 2 frontpage not working well (after i shift from 1st frontpage to 2nd frontpage ). if the existing frontpage (2nd front page) and the run buttom press, the 2nd front page all function working well, but 1st and 3rd frontpage not working well.
Conclusion: 3 of the frontpage can't run it concurrent way and intermiddle change.
Any idea to solve this problem?
Thanks a lot 🙂
Kong Cheng
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Hi Kong,

what you need is an event structure. React on the Tab value change. Put your case inside this event and let the 'new' value select the right case.
Make sure you use an stop button and stop event.

What you are doing is wrong, the run button is meant to use only when your program starts. It is part of the development environment.

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Thanks Ton,


But my program a little bit complex, here i try to attach the main system vi, hopefully you guy have any idea 🙂


I didn't attach the path and save here.

Thanks a lot


Kong Cheng

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2 more *vi need for this program.
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The reason your VI doesn't work is due to incorrect programming. In your "Edit" case you have an inner loop that keeps running and only stops when you click the "Exit" button. When you start the VI with the "Admin" or "Production" tab displayed this inner loop doesn't start, which is why it looks like your code works. I have no idea what you're trying to accomplish with that inner loop, but its termination should not be tied to the main "Exit" button. That button should only be tied to the outermost loop, which controls the execution of your program.
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