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Tab control refresh bug with MapWinGIS plugin



I have made a fairly simple Map application using MapWinGIS ActiveX control plugin. It has a Tab control with 6 tabs + the map control. Each tab has various controls/indicators like listboxes and graphs. The problem is that at certain times during execution, the lower part of the tab control does not refresh when switching tabs. For instance, one tab has a graph at the bottom and when switching to a new tab, the lower part of that graph is displayed on all the other tabs, basically a ghost image of the graph (same can happen if on a tab with a list box, the lower part of the list box is displayed on other tabs). It can work for a while, but eventually happens and usually after I have done something on the UI like loading data, etc. I think this is related to the MWG plugin as I have never seen it in other apps I use Tab controls. I have searched for this issue and found some issues with Tab controls freeze, but not quite like this. Since this is a display refresh issue, it is not related to coding bugs, but I'm hoping for some fix in the settings of Labview or some way of doing a display refresh when this happens. 


I've had this problem for several years with different LV versions (on 2020 now) and various MWG versions. It has actually increased in frequency that I cannot live with it anymore. Using MWG on Labview is a bit obscure so very little help to find on MWG forums.




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Just to add: Searching for Tab control issues in LV, the last post in this thread has the same issue as me, however it is from 2009 so should have been fixed by now. The problem is both when running from LV Dev and in builds.

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