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TDS2024B Horizontal:Position sets incorrectly if scope .SET files are loaded in a sequence from a folder of .SETfiles

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I am developing a LabVIEW program that controls the TDS2024B scope settings for acquiring some signals in a sequence.

I am running into the following problem.


I have a folder with 15 .SET scope setup files.

In my LabVIEW program I have option to select the folder and it loads all the files one-by-one in sequence.

Other option is to select and individual file to load.


When I use the sequence mode the Horizontal Position value is set incorrectly to the same value (15.1E-5) every time on that file load instead of the value inside the .SET file as 2.0E-7. Below screen shot of excel files taken in that order.


doesnot match.jpg


This happens on the exact same files every time. 

This does not happen when I load this file individually by manually picking it from that folder and send it to the scope.

In both cases every time I load a file I read it back and compare each value and its always the MPos that is set incorrectly when in sequence loading but not individual loading.

Also the cursor position changes but I don’t use them in my program they are set to OFF in the .SET so I don’t think that matters.


  Below is my very simple LabVIEW code for getting and setting the scope setup file     


 send scope file.jpgget scope file.jpg


As a work around I have to manually send the command HORizontal: MAIn:POSition  immediately after I send the .SET file after every file which forces it to set to the correct value then.


force horizontal position.jpg


can any one of you please help me figure this out why this is happening.


Appreciate your help



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With the TDS3000 series, I ran into issues where I was sending the settings too quickly and one setting would spawn off a process that "overrode" the second setting I sent.  My fix was to add in 500ms waits between a bunch of the commands.

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