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TDMS timestamp

TDMS timestamp

I just started reading about the properties of the TDMS file format, and am getting nervous my data doesn't have timestamps.  I have been acquiring data using this format for a week already.    Right now I'm working on the code for the viewer executable.  I thought for sure that TDMS saved a timestamp for every waveform sample, but after some reading I'm not so sure anymore.  It sounds like it is dependent on your code.  I'm acquiring my data from a DAQ device.  I haven't had much luck using the "Get TDMS property VIs" to see if I have a timestamp for every sample or not.  My samples aren't all at the same dt.  I'm saving based on time and in the event of an alarm.

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Re: TDMS timestamp

Without being able to see your code, and based on your description, it sounds like you should be saving the timestamp with every datapoint.


This is a good example of how you could do that:
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