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Stepping over export data to excel

Hey guys.


I'm trying to export data from a graph to excel by invoking a node, but no excel file opens. When I use the step through function in the block diagram it only say "step over" for the step through button. Why won't it let me step through at this part of the code?



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While I know a fair amount about LabVIEW and Excel, I know nothing about your code (my ESP isn't functioning today).  Post your code so we can tell (a) what you've tried, (b) what you are trying to do (your initial post doesn't really make that clear), and (c) if we are able to help you.  Please post executable code (i.e. not a JPEG of your Block Diagram -- we shouldn't have to recreate your code in order to test or experiment with it) -- attach the actual VI, or if you have multiple VIs, create a ZIP file and attach that.


Bob Schor

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