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Starting DCpower measurement from FGEN start trigger

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I have a PXIe-4139 (SMU) and a PXIe-5413 (FGEN) in a PXI-1073 chassis. The FGEN will send a signal while the SMU will measure the response of the device. Because the measurement has to be repeatable (averaging) the devices must be synchronized. Basically, the SMU must start to measure when the FGEN starts to send the signal. This shouldn't be too difficult, or so I thought... Just export the start trigger of the FGEN to PXI Trigger Line and setup the SMU to start measurement on the PXI_trig0 line. But the fetching always goes to timeout.


Below is my attempt. (I've used a DC signal for the FGEN for this example)

Test fgen trigger.png


Am I missing something here?

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On measures trigger takes readings only when the trigger source is high. You want a measure when value of after trigger. By

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Accepted by topic author Basjong53

The problem turned out to be the 'measure record length' that was not being set. When using Fetch Measurement, you have to set a 'measure record length' that is greater than the counts you wire to the Fetch vi.

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