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Source distribution, source file settings, files not goint to the desired destination directory

I am tring to set up a number of source distributions for a handful of unique but related programs in LabView 8.0.1.  All of the programs have their own unique tasks to comple but they all use a set of basic sub vi's that I wrote.  Basically I could have put all those sub vi's into a .lib file but chose not to for the sake of simplicity.  Also each program calls a number of vi's from the set of LabView libraries.  To summarize what I want to do with my distribution structure; I created four destination directories: First the top level destination directory, the top level vi of each program will live there.  Second I made the Support Directory which contains all of the unique sub vi's that are required by the top level vi.  Third I mad a Common Support directory which will contain all of the basic sub vi's that all of my programs use. And fourth I made a Library Support directory which will contain all LabView library vi's.  The top level destination directory is superior to the other three directories and the other three directories are at a pier level.
My problem is when I assign the locations for the vi's in the Source File Setting category. The destination directory for all of my Dependencies vi's (basically all of the LabView library vi's) is not obeyed.  I want all of those vi's to appear in my Library Support directory, but when I generate a preview they don't appear in the assigned directory.  All other destination directories are obeyed and appear correctly.  I do not know what I am doing incorrectly.  I have attached a few screen shots to help explain my structure and where it is not working.
Any help is appreciated,
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When I play around with it a bit more, if I set the destination of the Dependencies vi's to my Common Support directory, the source distribution puts the vi's into the Library Support directory.  It seems to be a work around, but I don't like it, it doesn't make sense.  It still isn't obeying the destination directory that I am assigning to it.  I probably won't remember what I did as a work around 2-3 months down the road when I have to look at this again.  Also I don't really know if this is a repeatable work around.  I just stumbled onto a way to make it work the way I want by chance.

If anyone has an explanation of what is going on or what I am doing incorrectly, I would still like to hear it. 


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From what I understand, all the VIs are in their respective folders, have you tried to select "Single Destination - Preserve Hierarchy" in the Distribution Settings page?. This should allow you to keep the folder structure. Please try it and let me know what you find.


Rudi N.


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I do not want all of my vi's in a single destination though.  I need all of the programs that I am writing to be very modular because they will be placed in several different applications and moved and placed at unknown times.  All of my specific applications of my software (each different machine that is using my software) will have all of the library vi's and common vi's distributed to them and I can move the specific programs from place to place by moving their "destination directory".
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I just created a source distribution with specific folders and things seemed to work just fine for me. Please take a look at the attached document and let me know if you are experiencing the same thing, it is possible that I am missing your point.
Rudi N.
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