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Source Code Control issue using LVMerge with Git and Sourcetree

I'm having problems using LVMerge.exe from Sourcetree.

In Sourcetree I have configured the External Merge tool to use LVMerge.exe (Tools>Options >> Diff -> External Diff /Merge) with the following arguments:

\"$BASE\" \"$REMOTE\" \"$LOCAL\" \"$MERGED\"


When I attempt to resolve a conflict by using the external merge tool I'm shown the NI_promergevis.lvlib:LVMerge with an error code 7: NI_FileType.lvlib:Get File

When I close this window I am left with an extra file with .orig appended and the local file is assumed to have been correctly merged (despite nothing happening).


I have tried running LVMerge.exe from the command line. If I make copies of the files such that I have an existing $BASE, $REMOTE, $LOCAL, and $MERGED file then the command works as intended. I get to select and merge changes.

If any of the files do not exist then I get the same error as when I run it from Sourcetree.

When I run the command from Sourcetree it automatically generates copies of the file being merged with _BACKUP, _BASE, _LOCAL, and _REMOTE appended. I suspect that it either does not do so quickly enough or perhaps does not generate correctly formatted files which is why I get the error. Since the files are deleted afterwards I cannot simply run the merge twice.

Does anyone have experience using LVMerge with Sourcetree?

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