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Slack API and LabVIEW

Slack API and LabVIEW

I know that LabVIEW Tools Network offers VI packages for Twitter, OAuth, and JSON, for example.  However, I would be interested to know if anyone has a similar library for the Slack business messaging app or is working towards creating one.  Are the already available packages sufficient to communicate with the Slack API and programmatically post messages to channels?  If anyone has a tool for this, could I try it out?

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Re: Slack API and LabVIEW

Hi samcgill,


There is currently no available packages posted to any official or community forum or network that developed to interface with the Slack API. I noticed there are a few Slack APIs available. Could you provide a little more detail for what API functionality you'd like to call from LabVIEW? You may be able to find relevant examples to learn how to develop one on your own once we know exactly what you're trying to accomplish.

Mike B.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Re: Slack API and LabVIEW



Well, there's lots of possibilities with Slack.  To narrow it down to one starting example, I would like to have a VI where I could choose my workspace and public or private channel in it and post a message to that channel that would be pushed out to all those subscribed to it.  Looking over the APIs, perhaps the RTM API for text only or the Web API for more complex messages with attachments?  I haven't done enough research on it to know for sure yet.


Moving beyond this, one could imagine eventually having a LabVIEW-based app to control a bot user in Slack that would both send and receive messages, as well as do other things bot users can do.  Because it's in LabVIEW, one could control instrumentation using messages posted to channels from a computer or mobile device.


I'm not a software engineer, so OAuth and JSON might as well be Greek to me, but I do a lot with LabVIEW and have fun tinkering around with the stuff on my own time.  Overall project is a bit daunting to me, though.

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Re: Slack API and LabVIEW

I created a simple VI to post messages to slack.

Check it out here:

Hope it helps. 

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