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Simple temperature chamber control application

Hello to all.


This is my first post, so I hope I'm not breaking any posting rules already.


I have a small project to complete.

It consist of old refrigerator, heater and temperature sensor.

Refrigerator and heater are controlled with a relay and temperature is measured over RS232 port (simple device - string containing temperature).

Is there someone willing to share LabView application (source code) similar to this that I want to make?


I'm trying to find some samples or shared code but no luck.


Any help would be great.






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Hi Beno,

there are many examples about RS232 shipped with LabView. You should use the exmple finder. Search for "RS-232" or "VISA". You should find the "Advanced Serial Write and".


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I have no problems controlling RS232 or relays.

It's the application for controlling heater/cooler so I get the temperature I select on front panel.

Response times of heater and cooler are long. Controlling them only with on/of is also not simple. It is also very important not to forget OFF to ON state delay for refrigerator (it can get damaged if this is done in short intervals).

So in short :

            I have VI to turn ON/OFF refrigerator

            I have VI to turn ON/OFF heater

            I have Vi to receive Temperature value

Application to control the temperature in chamber I have NOT.




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Hi Beno,

i don´t know your requirements. If you need a slow temperature change you can use a 2 point controller. If this is not enough you need a PID. To program something like this you should use a while loop with shift registers. Where exactly you have problems?


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This is what I'm searching for.

Is there a link or something you could point me to?

It should be a school book problem to solve but I can't find any examples or source code to speed up my work.




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Hi Beno,

you could start with something like this. See the attached example.


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If you still have those VI's you made for turning ON/OFF the heater and measuring the temperature and also for the refrigerator, Can you attach those files? I really need them.

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Do you still have those VI's ??? If yeas, Can you please attach them?

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As I recall there was an example we worked with in the Core 1 class for a weather station.  Have you taken any classes?  Have you searched the forum for Temperature control?

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Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Yes I searched it for temperature control.

I have a project where I have to heat up a coil inside a chamber using a Relay and labview PID and DAQ.

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