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Signatec PXDAC4800 Arbitrary waveform generator LabVIEW

Hi all,


I'm trying to communicate with an Signatec PXDAC4800 arbitrary waveform generator with the labview example programs that came with it in the installation. However, the "GetSerialNumber" VI just cannot work correctly, which makes it impossible to proceed doing anything. I'm attaching the Connect VI, the GetSerial VI and the dll file. I would really appreciate any thoughts.

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I encountered the same problem and I managed to fix it. The core of the problem is that the Handle is supposed to be 64-bit integer, but the LabView code uses 32-bits. In order to fix it you need to change each VI at three places:


1. at input labeled Handle - change representation to I64

2. Handle Out - change representation to I64

3. in the Call Library Function Node->Configure->Parameters->Handle change Data type to Signed 64-bit integer.


possibly you need to check the code if the 64-bit integer is not converted to 32-bits.

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