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Shared variable access after RT change IP address

HI Vaibhav and xseadog,


    Thanks for the input. I have tried different configurations and here are the summaries:


    Use shared variable to communicate between PCs:


      You do need two SV libraries. You can either export or import the SV or just copy the original one to create the second one. The subscriber is alias enabled. If the psp url is actual IP address then after changing the publisher IP address the project has to be recompiled or modify the subscriber's SV library. If the psp url is the computer/target name you can just change the alias file.


   2. Use shared variable to communicate between PC and real time target


      (1). PC is the publisher -- two SV libraries needed


     (2). Real time target is the publisher -- either two SV libraries or one


          For the later case you can directly drag the shared variable from RT SV library to the host VI diagram and no library need to be deployed on host. You need to recompile the program if IP address of the RT target is changed.



     Thanks again for help!







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I do not think you need to recompile your windows app if a rt target IP address is changed.  All you need to do is modify the .alias file

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hi Tom,


seems like you cracked it!Smiley Wink


Remember to have the server located on the RT target else you could have timing problems.  Direct access on the RT server but if located on Host then the

request has to be forwarded then returned before any action can be execute on the returning information.



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Good if mine and xseadog's comments helped you. 


The document shared by sachsm was also worth exploring. It has good information, otherwise partly mentioned in another document (Using/Deploying Shared Variables in Executables) as well. 



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Hi guys, thanks all for help!



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