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Setting up a CIE chromaticity diagram in LabView

Hello all.


I realize this is quite an old post, but if anyone has stumbled upon this thread because they have use for spectral analysis and/or composition, please check out the ColorTools package available on the LabVIEW Tools Network. A thorough description and trial of the package are available here: . In addition to a LabVIEW Toolkit, we have executables available for use with LabVIEW RunTime.


The package will generate xy and uv color plots, color gamut, Planckian locus, and many many more features necessary for describing and analyzing color.


Please feel free to contact me directly here or at


Kind Regards,



PhD ChemE, CLD, Alliance Partner :
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Thanks Philipp, I recently found your post and used your vis in my program to illustrate the xy coordinates in real-time measurements, works fine.

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