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Serial data from single RS232

Serial data from single RS232

I am extracting serial data from RS232 in labview .RS232 is supplying data from a reciever which is accepting data from multiple transmitter i want to use the latest data from three transmitter so that i can apply triangulation principle?How to do That can we do that USING FIFO

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Re: Serial data from single RS232

Use the VISA read VI to get the data that is coming in on the serial port.


How you parse the data is entirely dependent on the receiver that is feeding you the data stream. You need to know what the data looks like in order to divide it out into the three streams you are looking for.



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Re: Serial data from single RS232

Also the VISA input buffer is your FIFO if the size of the input buffer is set correctly for your needs.

All messages will be stored in the input buffer of the com port until you read it or it overflows. You can set the buffer size to meet your needs.


Look at the message termination from your receiver and program using that to parse out the separate messages.

Use the Time Out setting and the Termination settings to control your reads. I almost NEVER use the Bytes at Port.


Post back if you have additional questions.

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