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Scan from String Bugs

Here are a couple Scan from String bugs I came across (see attached VI). I'm using LV 8.5.


Bug 1 (changing format string constant label changes output datatypes) was reported here: but appears to still be a bug.


Bug 2 (not updating output format when an indicator of a different type is already connected) is not how I would expect LV to behave.


Neither of these bugs is life or death, but still.


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I agree # 1 looks like a bug (Still present in 8.6.1). I reported it in the bug thread.


I am not sure about #2. If an indicator is directly connected to the output, it makes sense to adapt to the actual datatype. Most likely, this is a compiler optimization. If you connect any primitive in-between (e.g. a [1/x]), the type no longer propagates back.


If you really want a specific datatype, you can always wire a default type to scan from string.

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