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SR flip flops in labview??

I have read lots of threads re: sequential logic. I have also seen the the vi's that have also been posted. However, I still have a problem......

I'm still working with Noah on his arc! We only have Labview 5.1 and the vi's have obviously been compiled in a newer version.

Can anyone explain, in english (new to labview, although I have been on an extensive teach yourself course for the last couple of weeks Smiley Happy), how to build a SR flip flop. Or can anyone let me have a vi that will run on 5.1

I have asked for our version of labview to be upgraded, but, although this has been agreed, it will not be with me until after my deadline 😞

Please help...

Any advice welcome...

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Hi Steve,

Have a look on forums for "Flip Flop".  You'll find a few entries. 

I found one with some code I was able to open in 7.1.  But you may have trouble with your version, so I'll post the screenshots of the code.

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Patrick Allen:
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Thanks a million Pallen. Seems to work fine with just a minor tweek Smiley Very Happy
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