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For those who do numerical computations, a new free tool has been released about a week ago.
If you are familiar with SCILAB (The open source platform for numerical computation) you might be pleasantly surprised that a Scilab_LabVIEW_Gateway is now available.
There is also a Developer Zone article: Connecting LabVIEW with INRIA Scilab 
Has anyone tried it yet?

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Hi Christian,
Thanks for mentioning the Scilab - LabVIEW gateway software!
To give everyone a better feel for what the interface looks like, I've updated the developer's zone article that you mentioned  (Connecting LabVIEW with INRIA Scilab) with some more information, including several screen shots.
I am interested in hearing about how you are applying (or plan to apply) the combination of LabVIEW and Scilab.
Sam Shearman
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Funny story how I run across this...

Years ago, I had installed scilab (3.0?) on a desktop, played around a bit, then forgot it. (We were forced to buy matlab to run some software from another lab). Yesterday I was at that computer, noticed the scilab icon and vaguely remembered what it was. To see if there is a newer version, I went to the scilab site and the word LabVIEW was smiling right at me. 🙂

What a coincidence.!

I don't typically use script nodes, but I think it is great to have this alternative. It could be useful for some heavy linear algebra stuff. How is the speed compared to e.g. matlab and mathscript nodes and compare to pure G?

Do you know if it works in built applications if the target computer has scilab installed? (That's actually a relatively easy requirement, because scilab is free. ;))


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What does "Engineering Redefined" mean??
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Hi Christian,

Thanks for the information and response.

I'm not sure if we've tried the interface with a  standalone LabVIEW application built using the LabVIEW Application Builder. I'll have to check into this and get back to you.

Also, we haven't done any comparative benchmarking. Regarding performance differences between MATLAB and Scilab, the performance of the LabVIEW interface for the MATLAB script node and the Scilab - LabVIEW Gateway should be very similar, so any speed differences when you call these applications would likely be due to differences between MATLAB and Scilab.



Sam Shearman
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The Scilab script node will work in a built application.  However, there are some steps to make it work.  As you note, the target computer will need to have Scilab installed.  Also, since the script node ships separately from LabVIEW, the necessary DLL is not included in the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine.  The easiest solution is to include the DLL as a support file in the built application properties.  The steps to do this are

1) Include <labview>/resource/script/ScriptScilab.dll in your LabVIEW project.
2) In the application Build Specification properties, select the "Source Files" category.  Add ScriptScilab.dll to the "Dynamic VIs and Support Files" section at the bottom.

On any machine you intend to run the application, copy this DLL into the Run-Time Engine folder.  For LabVIEW 8.2, this folder is located at
Program Files/National Instruments/Shared/LabVIEW Run-Time/8.2/script

Note that if you intend to run applications built with a different version of LabVIEW, you will need to repeat this step to copy the ScriptScilab.dll to the script subdirectory of each version of the Run-Time Engine.

Grant M.
Staff Software Engineer | LabVIEW Math & Signal Processing | National Instruments
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I want to implement PID controller using Scilab script. I am able to embed it but I need to store past errors values as well. Please guide.
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One way to do this would be to use a shift register on the loop that contains your scilab script node. Pass the variable that you want to save from iteration to iteration into and out of the scilab script node as named inputs and outputs on the script node. Wire the input to the left shift register icon and wire the output to the right shift register output.



Sam Shearman
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Hi there,


I have recently discovered the LabView Gateway and Scilab and am loving it.

For our application we would like to compile a shared library (dll) instead of an exe. I managed to get the .exe  right, I can call my Scilab scripts no problem with the compiled Labview application.


However, we would like to be able to use the compiled program with another application that can read the output from LabView+Scilab, therefore we have been trying to compile our labview VI as a shared library (dll), but unsuccessful.


I guess the link between LabView and Scilab is not taken into the system correctly, i.e. the ScriptScilab.dll file.


What is the procedure in our case to get it working? 

Is it in fact not possible to make LabView dll:s that have Scilab scripts? (I hope not)


Thanks very much in advance!



EDIT: For what it's worth, we use LabView 8.2 Professional on WinXP 32bit, SciLab 5.1.1, LabViewGateWay v1.1

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Since this is a new question it might be worth while creating a new thread and simply referencing this one. In terms of the question at hand, I am not extremely familiar with the Sci-Lab software. However, here are some links that you might find useful for your application: Using the LabVIEW to Scilab Gateway with the LabVIEW Application Builder , LabVIEW 8.5 Help: Building a Shared Library

Hope this helps.

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I have Labview 9 and Scilab5.3 (latest) installed on my XP machine. When I run the script for the sci-lab gateway, it says "Labview not detected on system" and aborts.


What do I need to do to run the script?


Thanks - Keith

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