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Running SSI transducer position sensors through LabVIEW

Hey guys!


I would like to run an SSI position sensor (example 25 bit MTS RH rod style sensors) through LabVIEW. I have searched the forums for specific help and have also spoken to an NI rep about modules that they may have for sale that would fit our cRIO modules to no avail.


I'm currently at square one - I have read the LabVIEW information on running SSI through the FPGA (LVFPGASSI file) but am not sure on connecting the sensors through. Would this be as easy as connecting the sensor through, say, a NI 9375 digital IO module? Where do I begin? Smiley Very Happy


The NI rep linked me to this module:



Any help would be incredible.


Thank you!!



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I have the same problem, I also want to collect the signal from the sensor (SSI signal). Did you solve it, please? We are going to write a protocol to implement it ourselves, but it is not clear how to implement it.


Thank you!

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