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Run IMAQ on PC and Control Servo via Labview Linx Raspberry Pi simultaneously

Hello Hello,


following problem/question: I would like to run a labview VI with continous image aqusition from a USB camera. At the same time I want to control a servo, and the state of said servo is supposed to be controlled from the VI running the Image aquisition.


For controlling my servo I currently have a working Raspberry Pi with the Linx Toolkit installed that succesfully controls the servo. Now if I put the servo control VI and  Image aqusition VI together, the deployment onto the Raspberry Pi aborts. I guess this is because Linx on the Raspberry Pi works with "Local I/O" which means it tries to run the whole VI on the Raspi which of course is not helpful if my camera is connected to my PC.


So, is there a way to run the VI with the Image Processing on my PC and still control the Servo VI deployed on the Raspberry Pi by some smart arrangement of them?


Thanks very much for any hints and help.

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