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Retriving live data frm FTP.

Data logger is at Solar site and we have PC runing near by to monitor the live update values.

data logger also save filess in memory slots, which we have to connect via FTP to download the file.
but live display can be seen lso on and we want to get live data values from there and want to display it on the front panel.

we are doing remote display so that we no need to travel down all the way to solarsite which using realtime live display, just get live feedback from

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.GDB file is the file we can download from web browser, and we have writen a program to auto download it by using FTP in labview. we have convert it into .csv before we can read by Labview.

so for live data view, only way to get is  read the data values from web browser and get it on front panel.

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Is the IP address of the remote PC, or the IP address of the datalogger?  If it's the datalogger, why are you telling us about the remote PC?  And, if you can connect directly to the datalogger remotely (through the web browser), then why can you not also use whatever the real-time data tools are to get the data remotely?  Again, that sounds like the easiest approach to me, depending on how those tools work.


If you're insistent on trying to read the web page, then you need to look at (and post as an attachment to a forum message, maybe) the full HTML source of the web page.  I've already suggested two ways (Internet Toolkit, and Datasocket Read) that you can retrieve the HTML in LabVIEW.  Have you tried either of them?  Even if they work, you'll still need to write LabVIEW code to find the values you want, which may not be trivial.


I'm still confused why you mention FTP in the subject but then say you're trying to retrieve data from a web page.  Is your question, "How do I retrieve specific data from a web page?"  There is no simple answer to that, since there are many ways to display data in a web page.

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And the vendor software that can display the "real-time" data on the PC may be proprietary and interfacing with the data logger directly over ethernet. Also, from what I could find, the data loggers only have FTP clients, meaning you can't initiate a transfer from the remote PC.

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