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Retrieve FPGA bitfile from sbRIO Flash

I am using a SBRIO 9651 for an application. I use RIO Device Setup to deploy LVBITX file to the flash.


Due to some regulations, for subsequent LVBITX deployments, I have to compare the new LVBITX file with the one already deployed in the Device Flash.


How can I retrieve a LVBITX deployed on flash (programmatically or otherwise) ? 



Thanks in advance 🙂

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Hi Xonmyth,


Yes I saw those posts before. Weren't of much help. The first one about the change in how the bitfile is referenced is actually what creates the problem for me. About the second link, Yes, the image contains the bitfile but for validation purposes I have to do the comparison strictly between the bitfile deployed onto Flash.


I am pretty sure the location info is inside say 'RAD utilities' (since it extracts the bitfile from image and deploys to flash) but most of the VIs are protected and the info cannot be extracted. 


Nevertheless thanks for the answer.

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Have you managed to compare the deployed .lvbitx file to the newly built one, although i have used the same code to build when i compare them using a simple text compare tool like Winmerge i see lots of differences, is it possible to recreate the same .lvbitx file?

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