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Research license


I have a question about the RESEARCH version for LabVIEW.
I cannot find any information about such a product.
Besides, the latest versions in the ACADEMIC license are described as "Academic Site Licenses include software for classroom, laboratory, or research settings. Educators and researchers may also install this software on their personal computers."

Does this mean I can use the software and research materials in scientific publications?

Thank you for any guidance.


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If your school or university has an academic site license, you should talk to them about how to get access to it.


If they don't have an academic site license, or you're not at an academic institution, you should contact NI to see which license might be good for you.

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In general, yes, but it can depend on how the research activities are funded.

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I think about research within the university and in terms of statutory activities. 

So just recently I was given this opinion that if it is an academic license then also for research, there is another problem: what if the research is not related to teaching?

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It just says "Academic Research", which is not very restrictive.  Research licenses cost quite a bit more than Teaching-only licenses.

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Please listen to Gregory's advice -- if you have a question about the License Agreement with NI, and want to know if you are about to violate the license (and hence possibly incur legal penalties), talk to NI, whose License you are wondering if you are violating.  The opinion of "what is legal" expressed by members of this Forum probably have little binding in a Court of Law.


Bob Schor

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Thanks everyone for the tips, it turns out that our local provider was able to accurately determine the type and coverage of the license based on the license key.

I think this closes the case.


Many thanks.

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