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Requirements Gateway - unit test and getting started

Hello All,

I am not sure this is the right place but ... I am new to using Requirements Gateway. I have been looking at Requirements Gateway to manage requirements coverage for a medium sized project. I would like to use a word document as the source of requirements, connected(?) to a dedicated Labview project containing the vis and their unit test. Is there a way the unit test can be run from Req Gateway?


During a demo of Req Gateway a few years back I spotted the results were placed into (from memory ) an excel spread sheet and this provided a very simplistic view in terms of completeness. The format was something like:


[REQ_123456] [ Req Description] [ vi name] [ test coverage %] [ Pass/Fail]

[REQ_654321] [ Req Description] [ vi name] [ test coverage %] [ Pass/Fail]

and so on.


The test report examples I have seen so far dont seem to provide this view.


I havent been able to find anything similar, are there any examples, toolkits I should be looking at?


Thanks in Advance, Chris

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Hi CB,


I would recommend consulting some of the help resources available online. The two links below are html documents which should provide all the information needed to use Requirements Gateway proficiently.


Since you mentioned that you want to use the program in conjuntion with LabVIEW, I'm also going to link you to a white paper and a tutorial, both of which include further instructions on how to do this.


I hope these resources are able to help you get started with Requirements Manager, please let me know if you need more assistance.



Jake A

Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK and Ireland
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