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Remote Panel Close cRIO9053

Hello everyone

I have a cRIO9076 installed, programmed and functionable, when i change it to cRIO9053 the remote pannel doesn't work and the reply is Remote Panel Close.

I've checked and the leds for active link and 10/100 in the ethernet cable are orange and green in the cRIO9076, but are all green in the 9053.


When i tested the cRIO9053 in lab it's everything ok, and it does what need to do, and all the RTPanels are ok.

Someone have a clue?

André Simões
Work with LV2019 and cRIO since 2021
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Hi  Simon_A,

After replacing the cRIO-9076 to cRIO-9053, did you check the IP address? Because the IP addresses are different for cRIOs. So I am suggesting you to check this, because it could be a connection issue.


How to get the IP address of your cRIO?


You can go to the NI MAX and see if it shows the hardware or not, if it does it will look like the picture I sent and you can see the IP address from hardware System Settings.



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Hello lyudvig.h It's the first time this problem occurs. Efectively i have only one IP for the same point of connection. When i put the 9053 i can reach everything (MAX, online configuration by web browser,...) but when it comes to the front pannel the message is "Remote Panel Close", then i re-init the 9053 but the same happens. I've tested connection in cmd, ping, DNS, all things and everything seems to be ok. This is a closed network under a virtual machine. Any other idea? Thanks by your help instead.
André Simões
Work with LV2019 and cRIO since 2021
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Have you gone through installing, configuring, and enabling the remote panel server on the new cRIO? KB: Configuring Remote Front Panels on a Real-Time Target

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Hi DerrickB Yes, and I have tested it before installation on site and everything is OK.
André Simões
Work with LV2019 and cRIO since 2021
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The VI is deployed to the cRIO and running? Can you walk through the deployment process you used and maybe add error handling or some other way to verify the deployed application is still running?

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Maybe you should try to format your hardware disk and configure it again. You can go to this article and do it step-by-step. 

Pay attention to considerations before formatting.



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Hello DerrickB Yes, the VI is correctly deployed to the cRIO and running. I do the deployment accordingly to this: I think that it's something about the network...
André Simões
Work with LV2019 and cRIO since 2021
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