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Reinitialize certain values periodically

Hi, there.

I have a while loop that gets executed for like 30 seconds and then restarts automatically. However i would like to reinitialize all values of said while loop between each of the execution cycles. Does anyone here have an idea on how to do that?

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Yes. It starts by you showing what you already have, by attaching a VI.


"reinitialize all values of said while loop"

-What are values of a loop? Could mean anything and we can only guess without seeing the code.

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A loop is a structure and does not have any "values". It matters what's inside and you have not told us. What does the code inside loop do? What determines it's values?


LabVIEW is a rich programming language and you have full control over any an all values occurring in your code. Attach your VI and we can help...

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