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Reading multiple soundcards

Hi every body


I want to read three different soundcards simultaneously by LabVIEW. Is it possible and with which VI?

I tried to use three sound configuration input VI and open three soundcards VI simultaneously, but LabVIEW only open one of them and the others gave error.

Do anybody have any idea?



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The sound config VI calls an NI dll - look inside the VI at the call library function node at the dll. As the VI is not re-entrant you will only be able to access this dll from 1 VI at a time. What you need is multiple VIs, calling multiple DLLs (copy the NI dll into different places on your pc and rename it, then specify the DLL name to the call library function node by path.)


If using multiple DLLs (you may need to copy more than just this DLL) does not work, you may find yourself limited by DirectX (reading the Context help, these VIs need DirectX)


You sould be able to get this to work, its just a question of how badly you want it and how much effort it's going to be! (if you find DirectX your next bottleneck you will need to do more digging)


3 non-renetrant VIs all calling different copies of the DLL by path shoudl get you further than you are now!




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