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Read data of a text file then display into 3-array graph

I am able to read data from c:\data.rpt & created 3 separate arrays then display them, however I can not find the way to plot them. Can anyone help?


- The first column is for X-axis      (timing is not evently & in second)


- The second column is for Y1      (Temperature C)

- The third column is for Y2           (Humidity %)


Thank for any help,

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here is a solution



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The VI you provided is actually in 8.5, not 8.2. Also, it has more code than is necessary:


  • Instead of using the string variant of the Read From Spreadsheet File, use the "double" version. This eliminates all of the Fract/Exp String to Number functions.
  • Instead of transposing the 2D array and peeling off rows, just peel of columns directly from the 2D array. 
  • Instead of having 3 separate Index Array functions, use 1 and simply resize it. 
  • Converting an array of DBL to an array of DBL using the To Double Precision Float function is redundant and pointless.

Here is a refactored version:

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It works perfectly


Many thanks Smiley HappySmiley HappySmiley Happy

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Your suggestion used less modules than mine, but it required the 2d-Transose array after reading files (the way I use to read) ... then it works beautifully


Thanks Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

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Why? You said your data was in columns. The Read From Spreadsheet File reads the file and you will get a 2D array with the data in columns. The zip file contained a file called data.rpt. Isn't this your data file? If so, using the exact code I provided will read this file just fine. Why are you transposing it? Are you wiring the constant of 0 to the "row" input of Index Array?  If so that is not correct. You should be wiring to the "column" input.
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I did exactly like you suggested & I had an error occur, I attach my .vi here just want to show you. The .rpt file is the same one in the zip file!


However, if I insert the Transpose 2D Array & in the combined Index array I put 0 for the first column (X),  1 for the second column (Y1),  2 for the third column (Y2) ... then it works very nicely! I know that it sound not as you suggested ... but I did try to probe the output without the Transpose 2D Array, then they show 3 data only 1 row!


Might be you know what I did wrong?



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As I suspected, you wired the constant to the "row" element of Index Array. Look at my picture carefully. You will see that I am wiring the constant to the "column" element since your data is in columns.
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Oopps, when I used the thead tool pointing to that 2nd input, I saw "disable column" (at that to time, I still connect to the row), that was why I confused & did not use it ... now it works as you suggested!


Many thanks for help & patient pointing out wrong connection Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

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