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Read DAQmx channel name data without DAQmx installed

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We have data files including a header with channels names in DAQmx channel name format.

Now we  want to send an Labview-application to our customer by which they can open these files and just see the channels names as text. Can we make such an application without requiring the customer to install DAQmx. We are using Labview 7.1.1 and after installing the application it asks for nivaiu.dll, nipalu.dll, nipalut.dll and so on. Changing the file header to simple string arrays gives compatibility problems on old data.



Dan Larsson


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Hi Dan,

can you show your data file? Did you try to read the raw file?



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It is just a header where we included the DAQmx channel name array as part of a cluster.

It works great to read the file in the development environment and on all computeras having DAQmx installed.

The problem is when we make an exe-application where any DAQ-card or MAX is not needed. The application askes for all the .dll-files from DAQmx but we just want to read the file header and convert DAQmx channel name array to string array.



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Hi Dan,

i think you should read the file raw and interprete it yourself without the DAQmx functions. Did you try that?

I don't know your file, so it would be helpful if you can upload an example.


Try to help.


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As the file is in binary format you can't do anything with it. I then have to add the read-vi as well.

To be able to read the file I have to include a DAQmx control for channel names as template for binary file read. Afterwards I take the DAQmx channel name array and let it autoconvert to standard string array.


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If you require a DAQmx control to read the file, then the problem is how you did the file write. You chose that format instead of something more portable such as TDMS. Using DAQmx requires you to install DAQmx.

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Hi again,

This was the answer I expected but  did not want to have. I use one single DAQmx control as a template when opening the file and need to include the full DAQmx installation. I  hoped to get answer like "just include nivaiu.dll, x.dll..." in the build file.


Thank you for helping anyway...


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Accepted by topic author Damill

Problem solved!

The DAQmx channel name control can be used as binary file read template without installing DAQmx separately. I did find a sub-VI calling "DAQmx unflatten string". After deleting that call everythings work.


Sorry for bothering you all!



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