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Raspberry Pi connection with Labview

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That's good. Great job!

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I still cannot connect via project, so NOT great!  I can connect thru Target Configuration because it has "Hostname or IP", "Username" and "Password" so I can use something beside the default for Raspberry Pi.


The LINX VI needs properties for username and password.

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You will need someone to walk you through this virtually. I wish I could. Make sure you save your project folder and give it a name that makes sense. Once you do it, right-click on the project >> target and devices >> Linx >> (Your raspberry pi will pop up) and right click on it. 

I think I've gotten into the same issue that you are having. I will have to connect my raspberry to and figure out how I solved it. 

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Any chance you followed up and connected to your raspberry and figured out how you solved this?

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