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RT-Target running out of memory while writing to Network Stream

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Hey there,


I have a program, that transfers acquired data from the FPGA to the Host-PC. The RT-VI reads the data from the DMA-FIFO and writes it onto a Network Stream (BlockDiagram.png).


Now I am experiencing a phenomenon, that the RT-Target loads its RAM until it's full, and crashes.


I have no idea, why this happens, the buffer of the Network Stream is empty, all elements are read by the Host, and there is no array built by indexing or so.


Has anybody an idea, how I can handle this?


Best regards,

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Hey there,


I got the problem solved,


the problem was, the buffer of the sender endpoint was too big. Unlike this problem:, it wasn't memory growth because of dynamic memory allocation,

it's just the normal speed of the cRIO while allocating the buffer memory. Setting the sender buffer much smaller, memory growth stops at a specific level (DSM2.png).


It's only strange, that memory usage grows that slowly, despite creating the endpoint with preallocated buffer, while usage sinks rapidly when the VI-execution stops...


Best regards...

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