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RT Series PXI Controllers


Hi there,

Just looking for some clarification re: RT Series PXI Controllers. For example, what is the difference between a "PXIe-8108” and a “PXIe-8108 RT” controller? Are these the same thing, just that the latter is setup for deployment as a real-time target, and the former is setup to run Windows? Could you not configure the “PXIe-8108” as a “PXIe-8108 RT” by formatting the hard-drive (removing Windows) and installing the Real Time Operating System? Or are these different controllers altogether?

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.




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It depends on whether or not you want to pay extra to have NI pre-load the OS on the PC for you.  When I've purchased PXI controllers, I usually want them for their RT abilities, so that's what I specify (it also costs less to not have Windows installed).  If you can get it without software, it's easy enough to format the PXI's hard drive and (using MAX) set up the RT OS and drivers.


Bob Schor

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