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Quote command FTP

Quote command FTP

Is is possible by to execute a remote program (on a remote host)  by using the FTP vi's and executing the command "Quote"  to send an arbitrary FTP command?
If Yes... How...Smiley Surprised
Thanks Huub 
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Re: Quote command FTP

Within Labview you could use the Tcp Connection VIs.
Simply send username, passwort and your "quote something" command. As long as you don't have to read from the connection, this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

The question which should concern you more is: Does the server support the command? If no, you could still write a small TCP Server and a small TCP Client (in LabView or your language of choice).

The example finder offers you "TCP Communicator (Active)" and "TCP Communicator (Passive)". I haven't further investigated this, but maybe you could use those as a starting point for a program without having to use FTP.

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Re: Quote command FTP

Hello Thomas,

I have to call a program on an AS400 and we don't want to change the AS400 program.

In the old system this call is done by FTP with the command: QUOTE RCMD SBMJOB CMD(CALL PGM.... 

RCMD is a FTP AS400 specific command (Remote CoMmanD)

I did some tests with the Low Level "FTP Command VI" and it looks like this will work.

Thanks for your help, Huub


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Re: Quote command FTP

Hi knipph

If that machine is a production machine, I understand your concerns.

Glad I could help

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