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Quick Drop plug in for DVR cluster element access

Seeing this idea and my own need to handle DVRs quickly and conveniently urged me to create a QuickDrop plug in that helps me with the use case of having a cluster inside a DVR.

So I went ahead and created a script that can replace or extend bundle by name or unbundle by name nodes to have access to the specific cluster element (based on a regex for the text typed in the QuickDorp window). Then, going a bit further (and using the shift key modifier) I also added some code to search for the error wire and insert an error merge, so the DVR access error doesn't get lost (if there is no error wire inside the same level of the diagram this won't change anything). And also extended this with removing the original front panel terminals and the wires associated with them and creating new ones, for the data to be read or written to the cluster inside the DVR (also only when shift is pressed too).

What is currently far from perfect is the positioning of the items. They need to be moved around a few pixels so that everything aligns well, but if you have more experience with scripting the block diagram with good positioning of the nodes and functions I'm happy to improve this code.

Also all the constructive feedback is welcome.

I attached the plug in, and also the test code with my example VIs.


And just a teaser of what this plug in does (before, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Shift+A):





And the same for the unbundler, but with a bit more code in the original VI:








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