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Questions about generating and calling dlls both with LV

I come to you with some questions:
If i generate a dll with LV that involves a DAQmx reading, can this be read by any other programming languaje so if the DAQmx value changes I see it in the other program changing in real time?
In order to test my dll created with LV, can I call that dll created with LV and use it in LV again?
what function should I use to perform that.
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You can build and call DLL in LabVIEW really easily. Basically, if you have a DLL created in text-based programming languages such as C, C++ and Visual Basic… you can use it in LabVIEW as shown in some example in the LabVIEW Help (Find Example). You can create a DLL in LabVIEW if you have the Application Builder and off course call it in any other programming language.

On the link below you have some information about DLL in LabVIEW (building and calling DLL).

    Benjamin R.

Senior LabVIEW Developer @Neosoft

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You can call a dll in LabVIEW using Call Library Node function located in

Connectivity >> Libraries & Executables >> Call Library Function Node.

Since dll's are nothing but API's u can use it as u like.


Hope this helps!!!!


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