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Python execution issue



I have stumbled upon an interesting issue while executing a Python script on LV2019SP1.

I basically have a script that should execute every hour. I created a Python class where in Create I store all the information about the script I am gonna run and create Python session that I will use in the loop (all as object attributes).

When the time comes I get the data from the object and execute the script

No errors are thrown but the return data is identical every time I run it. I compared the script output generated by LabView with the output I get when I run the script from command line. The script works fine and data on the other side is being updated too.

I have also tried to create the session before the loop and close it afterwards - no success. 

The only way around it was to create/close Python session in each iteration.

Has anyone encountered problem like that?



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Hi Nicklasson, could you provide the Vi and python script you are using so we may reproduce and make a workaround for it?

Best Regards,
Soo Kin Wah
Technical Support Engineer
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