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Python API for NI Network streams?

Network streams were designed and optimized for lossless, high throughput data communication. We have applications that successfully use network streams for data streaming, e.g. between a cRIO- RT application and a host application. Now we would like to integrate the data streams in a python application, but we have not found any implementation. 


Network streams are a NI proprietary 1:1 network protocol, see (Lossless Communication with Network Streams: Components, Architecture, and Performance - NI) and (Using the Right Networking Protocol - NI).  Is there a python API for network streams? 


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I am curious about  this too.  We have built control and data acquisition equipment  using sbRIO / cRIO,  communicating to the Host PC with TCP IP streaming functions.


Our plan for future test stand interfaces is to use Python - it would be great if there NI libraries for the TCP IP streaming.    




Matt Lawson

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