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Pseudo Code to help create Final code in LV

I need to write a LV code for a large Test Stand.

Planning to outsource the job to a another LV programmer. And in order that my requirements are clearly passed on to him, was planning to create a Pseudo code outlining the whole LV code. But after i started writing two pages, i felt that this is not the right way !!

Looks like i will end up spending more time to create the Pseudo code  than the actual LV code which may be faster.

Just wanted to know how this situation is handled generally ? I think its far easier to periodically interact with the programmer and just explain the required flow rather than sit and write the pseudo code by myself or better still write the LV code itself by myself !!


Any suggestions ??  I have attached the( part) document I am working as a refernce to understand what i mean...

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Yes, you might produce a set of requirements which outline what the LV code must do "e.g. load configuration settings from a file". It is important that you try to specify what must be done, and not so much how it will be done - that's up to the programmer to decide. I suggest you have a look online - there are some good guides to writing requirements. The requirements will allow you to check at the end that the programmer has done everything you asked - but you may find they need revising as you discuss / change things.

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 It might be easier to use UML or some more generic type of flow chart to describe your application. I feel also your document might be too detailed. Surely the programmer you work with can work out the small details if you describe the idea more generally. Otherwise you are not going to have much help from outsourcing the job.

With that said, documenting and describing your application so that someone else can work on it will take time. But it is also an investment to have your application properly described.

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I have to agree with the last poster, you are being far too detailed in your "psudo code", you might as well just write the program.



Make a simple flow chart covering the over all program. If you need more detail then make a seperate flowchart for each "block" of your main flowchart.


I like Lucidcharts for flowcharting, and they have a free account.

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I think that a flow chart probably belongs in the software description and not the requirements statement.  Or am I getting as complicated as pseudo code now?  😄

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