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Problem with the vision and acquisition software

Hello all,


Recently I built a VI that starts an AVI acquisition, frame by frame, and saves it into a file at the end of the process. However I am having a curious error every time ONLY when I start the VI for the first time... after I get the error and stop the VI, than run it again, the error is gone and the VI works fine. The error number, which I could not find anywhere is:


NI-IMAQdx: (Hex 0xBFF6901B) Timeout.




The error comes from the Get Image2 SubVI, but in general it is related to the vision and acquisition software express VI. Moreover, when I am monitoring the framerate which should be in the range 200 - 400 FPS, ALWAYS the first frame rate is way way above that range:






Sometimes the error is different, and it says that the image at the Get Image2 VI is not into the frame specification... which makes me think, that the Express VI is bugged, and always the 1st image it creates is out of boundries, while after stopping and starting again, all the following images in the buffer are normal. Or I am wrong. Please if anyone had a similar problem, or has a suggestion on how to fix it, let me know.





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Can you please share  the original code?

Palanivel Thiruvenkadam | பழனிவேல் திருவெங்கடம்
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Kidlin's Law -If you can write the problem down clearly then the matter is half solved.
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@PalanivelThiruvenkadam wrote:

Can you please share  the original code?

Yes, and when you post code, this means that you attach your VI.  A picture of part of a Block Diagram is almost useless, as it shows only a piece of your code, and doesn't allow us to examine it carefully (such as look at the "hidden" cases), doesn't allow us to execute it (and fix what you forgot to wire or replace the inappropriate function) and, if your VI is humongous, doesn't allow us to "make it neater so we can understand it".


Bob Schor

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