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Problem with text in a ring menu


I am trying to update the axis labels of an X-Y graph to match the input data selection. For some reason, I get the *previous* value when I change this. The event is triggered from the loop on the left. A GIF of the configuration is attached. Any ideas?


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Just guessing!
I would suspecty a race condition. Most likely the signaling event gets triggered before the other locals receive their respective values.

Use a "one frame flat sequence" around all the locals, then feed the wire containing the "Position: X-axis" out the right edge and wire it to the signaling property outside of the sequence. This ensures proper order.
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Thanks for the suggestion, but that didn't seem to handle the situation. I still get this error and in fact, it even occurs with the "Source Ch 0" being the one changed! So, I don't quite understand it. Since the .gif, I added a string to monitor BOTH X and Y labels and they both exhibit this problem. The string being displayed is both incorrect and does match what the X/Y axis labels are. It appears that even if the the value (numeric index) of the channel selection is updated, the property of it (the text value) is not updated.

Note that this *does* appears to work with direct changes to any other channel's source - that is, NOT from the initialization shown here.

Is it possible that I need to have different parameters selected for the property nodes? Is it possible that the delay executes first?


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Ah, I think I may have found the problem. I don't know but this might be a bug in LabView, or at least "annoying unintended behavior"...

The control in question is actually invisible when the init sequence is run. The text value does not appear to update until it is made visible again. This does not appear to be the proper way to handle this. There is no reason why the text value should remain unchanged until the control is visible.


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