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Problem with real time scrolling graph



I'm trying to solve a problem on my software for weeks but no solution so far.

So you are my last hope.

I just finished creating a software recording the temperature thanks to thermocouples. Everything works fine except one thing: on my graph, the current time scrolls too quicky. I mean, for example, if i start my program for a 5 seconds acquisition, the graph starts recording at  16,00,00 and ends at 16,00,45. Seconds scroll way too fast. Apart that, my program works perfectly, I'm just bored by this problem.

Maybe somebody here has a solution.


You can find attached my software.


Thanks a lot



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The mistake you made here is that you did not Add Time Delay to your while loop. That is very essential when you are using a while loop. Just atleast 1 milli sec delay should be added. Check the VI attached.


Time Delay.JPG



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The best solution is the one you find it by yourself
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