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Problem with a project (finding the number of iterations of a subVI )

Hey all, I am an intern in a technology company in Germany and I am assigned for a 5 months project of optimizing a previously completed project. I have basic knowledge on LabView but not as extensive apparantly.


I was trying to obtain the number of times one of the subVIs is activated as to develop a strategy to minimize it and inrease its speed, as well as knowing which VI is calling it most often, but unfortunately I was unsuccessful till now.


Could someone please help me with this?

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To find where the VI is being called, right click on it and select Find All Instances from the shortcut menu.


You can use the Performance and Memory... tool in the Tools->Profile menu to determine the total number of times it's called (enable timing statistics).


Determining how many times it's being called from each caller takes a bit more work.  If you have the Desktop Execution Trace tool, it might work, but you'll have to wade through it's output.  (I haven't tried using the trace to do this personally so I'm not sure you'll be able to tell where the call originated).


If you are allowed to modify the code slightly, you could add a little bit of code to the VI to write the call chain to a file and look at that file to see where it is being called from.

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