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Problem with WinCE

Hi guys,

I have a problem in developing a program for WinCE module and I dont really know where to find a solution. Basically it is a project with ca. 240 event cases, ca. 220 states (state-machine) with pretty much locals and globals variables. 

When I compile the project to build an .exe file, I got this error message (in attachment) and I dont know where to find the solution.

This problem occurs when I try to expand a state with putting more locals/globals variables in a state. 


Is there any limitation for bus-system (for local/global variables), maybe limit of numbers of variables in a state?


Any help would be really apprecited.





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Hi Yan,


I have never seen an Build Error Log from LabVIEW like you attached to your first post.

Which modules do you use? Which kind of code (LV Exe, C Code, ...) du you try to create? I don't know a module which is called WinCE module ...


Regards, Stephan

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Hi Stephan,thanks for comments.


here we have:

Touchpanel module.

LabView 2010. 

We are trying to create an LV Exe to program a single board computer SBC600X which runs WinCE 5.0


The problem is, last friday I could compile the exe from the project, (save the project with the date as backup).

Then yesterday, I modified the project a bit, tried to compile, failed (received this error). 


Then I decided to delete my modification from yesterday (monday), then compile again the project from friday (nothings changed), weird, I got the similar error. I tried to find help for such error, and I got only this, but I couldnt solve my situation from there.




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