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Problem with EtherCAT Device EL1252 from Beckhoff. Using LabVIEW Real-Time NI-Industrial Communications for EtherCAT. Unable to change to Active Mode.

Hey Community,

I have a Problem with an EtherCat Device and LabVIEW. First my current setup:

Controlling PC: Windows 10 with LabVIEW 2017.

Target PC: Generic Desktop PC with LabVIEW RT (PharLap)

EtherCAT: Beckhoff EK1100 (EtherCAT coupler)

+ EL1252 (digital input)

+ EL1872 (digital input)

+ EL3356-0010 (load cell analysis)

+ EL7342 (dc motor control).

If I delete the EL1252 digital input EtherCAT terminal in the Project Explorer everything works fine. I am able to switch between active and configuration mode etc..

With the EL1252 in the Project Explorer I’m unable to switch the Scan Engine to Active mode with the following error (-2147138516) message:

“An error occurred while attempting to switch the I/O scan mode.

The NI Scan Engine could not be changed to Active mode because at least one slave device failed to enter Operational state.”

Nevertheless, it is possible to set every single terminal into “Operational state” by hand.

When I change the Scan Engine Period to 1 ms the following error (-2147138527) occurs:

“The Cyclic telegram size exceeds the limit. To resolve this issue, increase the cyclic data bandwidth using the EtherCAT master property page, increase the NI Scan Engine scan period, or remove unused modules or slave devices from the project.”


Increasing the Scan Period or the data bandwidth brings back the first error.


Is there a solution for this problem? Because I need the timestamp information of the EL1252 as UInt64.


Best Regards

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