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Problem while using SIMATIC OPC Server



I have a project using Siemens SIMATIC_NET_PC_Software_V16 Software to create an opc server to connect s7-400H redundant type PLC using Labview DataSocket. There are double PLCs and PC need to connect to the PLCs at the same time. I found that the Siemens SIMATIC_NET_PC_Software_V16 Software can realize this requirement but with a trickier problem that when I run the VI, some controls (with DataSocket URL, the type is 'Publish' or 'Publish & Subscribe' ) turn to zero, and the relevant variables in PLC turn to zero too.

Is there any way to solve this problem.

About the Simens OPC server. I use STEP7 create the XDB files and import the file into the Simens Station Configurator.

I am an engineer from China and forgive my poor English.



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