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Probe window too big

I'm using LV2011, and in previous versions the Probe tool was a small unobnoxious window containing the probe number and the value of the variable. Now a probe is a bigger more generalized window with a table in it listing ALL probes and a column for time stamps, and it takes up so much space I prefer to create temporary Indicators to do troubleshooting. This big window is appropriate for multiple probes, but if I'm only using ONE probe, it's obnoxious. Is there any option for displaying the old style probe window?

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Use the "Open in new window" button in the top-left of the Probe Watch Window. This will open a single, small window that only contains the value of the probe. Once the new window is open, just minimize the Probe Watch Window.


Or, meet the new style half-way and click the "Hide probe display" of the top-right corner, then left-click and drag the "Last Updated" column off screen; this will give you a reduced version of the new Probe Watch Window.



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