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Preplot lines on XY chart

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Hello there,


Can anybody tell me how to program for predefine preplot lines which are shown in attachment.  Such as top line is upper limit and bottom line is lower limit.  And middle line is actual data which being plot. So, the top and bottom line stays there.  I have attached couple of screen shots and code that does that.  But whatever reason, it would disappear the top and bottom line in program.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi Amit4,


It is hard to tell from the example VI that you provided but I believe that the problem you are experiencing is because you have the upper and lower limits set as the default values.  Every time that you write data to the graph they are being overwritten.  To avoid this you should be wiring the upper and lower limits to the graph every time that you wire it new data, this way you will also be writing those limits.  Hope this helps!



Kira T

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